Specialty Camps

Explore your passions through our wide variety of specialty camps! These camps focus on specific content and fuel campers’ passions through learning, adventure, and fun! Design and build new ideas with one of our engineering/design camps,  learn new cooking skills, or join the summer book club.
There is a specialty program available for every type of camper.

  • Global Inventors 3D Printing
  • Global Storybook Engineers
  • Robotics Camp
  • Book Club  Camp
  • French Cooking Camp
  • STEAM Camp

  1. Book Club Camp
    JUNE 12 - 16 (1st - 5th)
    Attendees: 1st- 5th Graders Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 daily Cost: $ 125 per camper Heritage Students: $100 Book Club Camp is a great camp for the book lover and aspiring author in your family. Our wonderful librarian (and former book editor) Rivka Genesen will bring a challenging novel to life with students using multiple literacies. Students will leave the week-long research adventure with a deeper level of understanding of the subject matter, a stronger love of literature, and greater analytical agility. Lower School book club will focus on the work of Roald Dahl.
    JUNE 12 - JUNE 16
    Attendees: Rising Pre-K - Rising 1st graders Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 daily Cost: $ 150 per camper Heritage Students: $125 STEAM CAMP Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics= STEAM! With a passion for discovery and exploration, our campers will focus on one of the themes each day of camp. Our activities will be full of investigations, experiments, and building projects. Snack time is a multi-sensory aspect of the creative process and will incorporate the topic of the day. Join us at STEAM camp where your child will be challenged through the creativity and limitless possibilities of the mind.
  3. French Cooking Camp
    JUNE 26 - JUNE 30
    Attendees: Rising 6th - 8th graders Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 Cost: $ 200 per camper Heritage Students $175 Take a trip around the world to experience French language, culture and French inspired cuisine. Join Madame Renée Bready and Miss Diana Jackson for a tasty journey to five different Francophone countries and experience a world of culinary delights. Madame Bready one of our French teachers and Diana Jackson, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu and a Johnson and Wales trained chef, will combine their talents and enthusiasm for French cuisine to lead the camp.
  4. Global Storybook Engineers
    JULY 10 - JULY 14
    Attendees: Rising 1st - Rising 3rd graders Time: 9:00 am to Noon Cost: $ 250 per camper Heritage Students $225 Do you ever wonder what Rapunzel could have invented to climb out of her tower? Or what else Jack could have done to stop the giant from chasing him down the beanstalk? This camp is a delightfully innovative exploration of engineering for our youngest students through the lens of folk tales from around the world. Students get to "rescue" their storybook heroes by building spaghetti towers (using noodles and marshmallows), boats, BrushBots, and more! Students also get to exchange video messages with their Global Partner student (living at or less than $2/day, somewhere else in the world) ! As the kids share the results of their design challenges, they get to learn about each other’s culture while also getting a smart, hands-on introduction to STEAM and design thinking skills.
  5. Robotics Camp
    JULY 10 - JULY 14
    Attendees: Rising 4th - 6th graders Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Cost: $ 350 per camper Heritage Students $325 Learn the basics of designing, building and programming robots using LEGO’s most advanced and newest robotics technology – the powerful MINDSTORMS® EV3. Students will learn an introduction to the language of EV3 robots and will work together to solve real-life problems. They will leave with a basic understanding of the Engineering Design Process and the skills needed to build and program EV3 robots. They will put their creative thinking and problem-solving skills to the test!
​1st - 5th grade